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Behind The Scenes

There's some work that goes into making a Swing scene and helping it grow, and here in Austin, we're proud to have and be a part of the Austin Swing Syndicate. It's not just the dancers, but it's also the DJ's, the teachers, the volunteers, and the Syndicate Board members.

The Austin Swing Syndicate was founded as a non-profit, all-ages organization devoted to the care and feeding of the Austin swing dance and lindy hop scene.

Our goals are as follows:

  • To promote the continued existence and growth of swing dancing, in all of its forms, in the Austin area.
  • To accomplish this goal by providing suitable venues and musical accompaniment for these dances to dancers of all ages, and by encouraging the continued involvement and development of regular dancers and the ongoing addition of beginning dancers to the dance community.
  • To be inclusive of as diverse a group as possible.
  • To remain actively involved in charity and community action.
  • To maintain a swing dance community that is friendly, welcoming, and supportive to all dancers.

"Behind The Scenes" is a home for all of the legal and nit-picky stuff that some people may be interested in.

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