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What's Going On...
07/19: Syndicate's Thursday Dance
07/20: Syndicate at GoDance
07/26: Syndicate's Thursday Dance
08/02: Syndicate's Thursday Dance
08/05: Soul Jam!
08/09: Syndicate's Thursday Dance
08/16: Syndicate's Thursday Dance
08/17: Syndicate at GoDance
08/23: Syndicate's Thursday Dance
08/30: Syndicate's Thursday Dance
09/02: Soul Jam!

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Four On The Floor Classes
7:15 pm
Intro to Swing
Lindy 2
8:30 pm
Lindy 1a
Lindy 1b
Lindy 3

The Lindy Project
7:30 pm
Level 1
8:45 pm
Level 2
7:15 pm
Level 3
8:30 pm

Sweet T Productions

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have lessons every week?
Yes. The only time we might not is when we have a free "volunteer" dance — in 2005, that was Thanksgiving, and the dances before Christmas and New Year's. And even then, we had classes. Even if we don't have a formal class, there's always someone who'd be happy to teach you the basics. Also, if you're going to bring a group, email us in advance and we can probably arrange for a regular class to be taught.

Otherwise, we have a basic "get you on the floor" East Coast Swing lesson every Thursday at ~8:15pm. We have a rotation of great teachers who will teach you enough to get out on the floor and start having fun. Some people come to three or four Thursday lessons in a row to experience the different teaching styles.

Is it a safe enviornment? What about for teens?
It is an extremely safe enviornment. The Syndicate's Thursday dances are all about the dancing. It is not a "pick-up joint." In the unlikely event that you experience a problem with a dancer, please come and find a board member and the problem will be dealt with immediately.

Do you serve alcohol?
Normally, no. Ocassionally we will have special dances and may serve alcohol but normally the only drink we have for sale is water.

What should I wear?
Dress comfortably and wear shoes that have a little bit of "slip" to them. Barring that, many dancers wear tennis shoes or special "dance sneakers" Gentlemen, please bring extra changes of shirts. You will work up a sweat.

If I don't have a partner will I find people to dance with?
Yes, with an average attendance of 190 you will find plenty of people to dance with. Furthermore, most of the dancers at The Fed do not have a "regular partner."

Is there a Lost & Found?
Yes, just talk to the person working the front desk. You can also post a question about a lost item in our forums.

Any comments on dance etiquette?

What about Tuesday lessons?
Tuesday lessons are taught through Four On The Floor (FOTF), not by the Austin Swing Syndicate. FOTF teaches month-long series of swing classes for people who want to learn more than just the basics.

Do you have a group discount?
Our non-member rate is only $5, but for groups above ten people we may offer a group discount, please email the President of the Syndicate through this form for more information.

To contact us by email, please use this form.