2013 to 2014 Board Members

2013 to 2014 Syndicate Board

The 2013-2014 Austin Swing Syndicate Board.
(Left to Right): Justin Lin, Jonathan Jow, Lindsay Chronister, John Woods, Sadie Garcia, Dominique Vyborny

President, Jonathan Jow

Jonathan Jow always loved jazz music, and in 1999 discovered there was a dance for it! He’s been dancing ever since and has also been involved in the local and national swing dance community in many ways, including:

  • Syndicate Board Vice President (2012-2013 term)
  • Teacher Coordinator for the Austin Swing Syndicate
  • 2012 Austin Lindy Exchange Committee Co-Chair
  • 2013 Austin Lindy Exchange Committee Chair
  • Teacher at Four on the Floor
  • Founder of LindyLibrary (www.youtube.com/lindylibrary)
Jonathan Jow has leadership experience that will help create success for the 2013-2014 Syndicate Board. Pulling from his work experience as a Business Consultant, he has a prevailing sense of logic and concise communication skills that help everything run smoothly. Jonathan has a desire to keep the Austin Swing Syndicate a strong and growing community, and leave it in a better state than he found it.

Vice-President, Lindsay Chronister

Lindsay has been swing dancing since mid-2006. She really believes in the value of partner dancing as a great way to promote a healthy community of people since it provides exercise, collaboration, social interactions, improves motor skills, reduces stress and more. Because of this, she has become more involved in the community in the past 4 years to help build and grow it. Before becoming President, she was the staffing coordinator, and at-large board member and is also currently the marketing coordinator. Her hopes during her term is to help build infrastructures that future boards can use for years to come to help further build and grow the community. Examples of this include rebranding and redesigning the website, creating a welcoming committee, hosting social events, sending out monthly newsletters and more.

Treasurer, Philippe Wilson

Philippe became hooked on social dancing after going swing dancing one fateful night. He tried to learn everything as quickly as he could (without his brain exploding) and expanded very quickly into Lindy Hop, Balboa and Blues. Philippe is all about listening to the music and his partner for inspiration to create a great dance. After a couple of years focused only on dancing and learning, he started giving back to the social dance communities by getting involved with the Austin Swing Syndicate and Blues Association of Austin, serving on their boards in fancy sounding roles like President and Treasurer. Once he was thoroughly busy with that, he added teaching dance to the mix as well. When he’s not dancing, he’s designing very cool equipment for wireless systems (i.e. he’s fluent in geek speak). Ask him to dance! He seems to like that.

Secretary, John Woods

John has been lindy hopping for five years (ever since he moved to Austin from Virginia) and balboa-ing for just over a year. When he isn’t dancing, he’s both a biologist and a campus organizer at the University of Texas.

At-Large, Sadie Garcia

Sadie likes to dance.

At-Large, Justin Lin

My name is Justin Lin. I first started dancing in 2003 as a freshman in college. Since then, I’ve attended numerous Lindyfests, Lone Star Championships, and Austin Lindy Exchanges to grow as a dancer and be a part of the community. When I’m not dancing, I sometimes perform jazz music as a small (very small) side hobby.

At-Large, Dominique Vyborny

Dominique is a retired artistic welder, a student of Spanish and Business Administration, an Aerial Silk Dance Instructor and a very enthusiastic individual! She first started swing dancing in September 2010, and it quickly went from a hobby to a favorite pastime. After the obsession took hold, she traveled to several dance events around the nation such as Lindy Focus in Asheville, the Ultimate Lindy Hop Showdown in New Orleans, and the International Lindy Hop Championships in DC.

Dominique has experience participating in leadership groups. She currently lives in the College Houses Super Co-op and is involved in the house’s decision making process. She organizes a Community Garden at the Co-op and teaches workshops on plants. She was elected to the position of Social Chair at the Center For Students in Recovery at UT Austin in September 2012. She has experience with party planning and organization, and loves to create events that inspire and delight!


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