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Lindsay Chronister

Lindsay Chronister is the Vice President and Marketing Coordinator for the Austin Swing Syndicate. Obviously she likes swing dancing. She also likes online marketing and analytics, sewing, and teak furniture.

Happy Birthday Austin Swing Syndicate!

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Austin Swing 14th Anniversary DanceI’m so excited that this year is our 14th year of growing, supporting and nurturing the swing dancing scene in Austin and I’m glad that I’ve had the opportunity to be part of it.

The Austin Swing Syndicate is such a special swing dance community and I hope you will all help us continue growing the love of swing dancing in Austin for years to come!

In honor of our 14th year, here are 14 things that make the Austin Swing Syndicate the best place to dance in the world!


Rollerskating on Tuesday, April 2nd

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Rollerskating with the Austin Swing Syndicate Part of our continued initiatives this year as a board is to create events where our members can mingle and get to know each other. Too often our conversations go like this:

A Person: Hey, wanna dance?

Another Person: Sure!

A Person: What’s your name (again)? >.<

Another Person: I’m Another Person, what’s your name?

A Person: I’m A Person.

…dance, dance, dance…

Another Person: Well, thanks for the dance, it was fun!

A Person: Thanks, it was.

And we think that works for us pretty well, except it’s TOTALLY LAME for developing community and making real friends, and pretty much every person needs community and real friends, dancers included.

Now you may be saying, “Hey! I do have real friends, don’t be stupid!” Ok, most of you probably do, but who doesn’t want MORE?!?!

Join Our Thursday Night Staff!

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Join our Staff at Austin Swing Syndicate We will be hosting training sessions in the coming weeks for those interested in joining the Austin Swing Syndicate staff. This is a great opportunity to help your local swing dance scene as our staff are our most important helpers! Thursday nights would not happen without them!

Please note, for the shifts we are training for, pay is $10/hour in cash!

Here’s how it works: There are three types of shifts. Opening, Front Desk, and Closing. Below is a schedule for training for these shifts. If you are interested in training for any of these, you will only need to show up for the part of the training relevant to the shift you would like.

Thoughts on Dancing Series – Lindsay Chronister

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I figured as one of the leaders of the Austin Swing Syndicate I would help start of our blog by writing about my personal story of how I started dancing, why I love it, and what I hope for the swing dance community in the coming years.

First, it’s time for a background story. I still remember the first swing dancing lesson I took. It was my senior year of high school and the leader of my small group at church thought it would be fun for our little group of three to go dancing together. So, on a Tuesday night, we finished our study early and drove over to Southside Preservation Hall in Fort Worth, Texas.

The first swing dance I learned was Balboa, which was strange for a first experience. There I am, an awkward, introverted senior in high school learning the balboa, a dance where a close embrace is key. Honestly, I didn’t really like Balboa at the time (love it now!) but after the lesson a guy named Riley taught me the east coast swing and danced with me a few times. We were around the same age and it was definitely nice to have someone who knew what they were doing to dance with. It gave me a taste of how fun swing dancing can be if you stick with it, and I did!

From stories I’ve heard other people tell who are now long-term swing dancers, nearly everyone has a Riley who took the time to dance with them when they were just beginning to learn and showed them just how fun swing dancing can be. I hope I’ve been a Riley on some level to a few people as well!

Now, why do I love dancing?

Like many of you, I first fell in love with dancing because it’s fun and that’s the main reason I still dance today.

Welcome to the new Austin Swing Syndicate Blog!

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Hi Austin Swing Syndicate!

I’m so proud to announce our new website! I hope you find it helpful as we continue to develop it over time.

Lots of people helped contribute to creating this, but I want to give special thanks to Jonathan Jow for building the final website and Laura Glaess for designing our logo and other marketing materials like business cards and posters. Another big thanks to Ian Alexander for helping with the content!

Also, we have replaced the forums on the old website with a bright, new, shiny blog! The forums haven’t been used in quite a long time, so we’ve decided to modernize and start a blog. The best part is, all of you are welcome to contribute!

To contribute, all you have to do is…

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Park in our
NEW Parking Garage!

The Austin Swing Syndicate has garage parking for our attendees. Garage parking is provided down the street at the Quarters Parking garage (right next to our previous garage). For more information on how to get there and instructions on where to park please click the link below to read more.

You can also find the location on the map to the left.

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