Current Coordinators

Matt Mitchell
DJ Coordinator | Matt Mitchell
Since 1998, Matt has been honing his dance skills; starting with East Coast, he quickly moved into Lindy Hop and other Swing-era dances–with a very short detour into Ballroom. He’s studied with top Lindy Hop and Balboa contemporaries as well being influenced by the original greats (Frankie Manning, Dean Collins, Maxie Dorf and Willy Desatoff).

From 2007 through 2011, he was one of the lead instructors for Get Hep Swing (assisting the incomparable Valerie Salstrom) and helped choreograph Hustle and award winning Swing routines. He strives to bring solid fundamentals and just-the-right amount of connection to Lindy Hop and Balboa, while creating room for musicality and playfulness. In 2011, he relocated to his home town of Austin where he’s enjoyed teaching Lindy Hop and Balboa for Four on the Floor, and is a contributing instructor for BalAustin. He’s happy to be wrangling the talented group of DJs Austin is lucky enough to have at the Swing Syndicate.

Nationally and internationally, Matt has been an instructor at Boogie By The Bay, the Eastern Balboa Championships, Dance Renaissance, and the Canadian Balboa Championships. He competes regularly in Balboa, consistently making the finals and has several placements at ABW, EBC, CBC, ILHC, and Camp Hollywood.

He was also a stand-in for Kevin Bacon in Footloose.*​​

*Recreating the famous dance scene in a skit. C’mon, he’s not that old.
Wes Phillips
MC Coordinator | Wes Phillips
Wes is our awesome MC coordinator. Doesn’t he sound great on the microphone?
Jen Reed
Staffing Coordinator | Jen Reed
Jennifer learned her first rock steps a long, long time ago from Valerie Salstrom and Joel Plys in her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. After a foray into West Coast Swing and sparkly clothes, Jennifer returned to Balboa and Lindy Hop and began dancing Balboa competitively in 2010.

When she’s not traveling to events, teaching Balboa classes in Austin, or coaching the Capitol City Feetwarmers (Matt and Jen’s dance team), you can find her scheduling volunteers to run the Thursday night dance at The Fed!
Nathan Malone
Historian Coordinator | Nathan Malone
Currently the Syndicate’s Secretary and Historian; Nathan Malone has been an active member of the Austin Swing scene since the mid 1990s. In terms of Board service, he has previously served as both the Vice President and as an At Large Board member.  For many years, a major passion for Nathan has been ALX, as he has served on many Austin Lindy Exchange Committees and served as chair co-chair for several of them. In addition to the Lindy Exchange, he is also an active DJ in the swing and blues communities.  Finally, he is also one half of Groove Austin, which promotes “groove swing events” in Austin.
Teaching Coordinator | Zach L-S
Zach is our new Teaching Coordinator.
Jon Everett
Equipment Coordinator | Jon Everett
Jon started social dancing in 2005, picking up various dances spanning from two-step to waltz, salsa to tango, and everything in between. But in 2007 he discovered Lindy Hop, and suddenly he found his dancing niche! Since then, he dances as much as he can all over town, but especially at The Fed! As the Syndicate’s Equipment Coordinator, he combines his “day job” as an audio engineer with his passion for dancing, doing his best to make it so that the music can be heard clearly and comfortably, and that everyone’s dance experience is as enjoyable as possible! He hopes you have a blast experiencing all the wonderful music and amazing dancing at The Fed and all of the Syndicate events!
Live Music Coordinator | Mike Roberts
Back in late 2000, Mike started bumbling his way into the world of Swing. Despite starting with a complete inability to find the beat, he now rarely listens to anything but jazz. As one of the Syndicate’s senior DJs, he has created a vast collection of music ranging from early traditional jazz through swing era and early bop (the kind of bop that still swings so hard). These days the music is as important to him as the dance. After moving to Austin in 2006, he, along with many other enthusiastic dancers, began cultivating wonderful relationships with the local musicians that make us dance so beautifully to their swingin’ beats. Through these relationships Austin has seen unprecedented cooperation between musicians and dancers. Musicians that now love playing for dancers and dancers that appreciate and understand the music they make for us. Inspired by these friendships, Mike is now an amateur upright bassist, playing regularly with Snorky’s Rhythm Kings. He hopes to continue building new ties within the Austin jazz scene and bring wonderful new bands for to play for us.

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