Thursday Beginner Lessons

Before every Thursday dance, the Austin Swing Syndicate holds one-hour beginning swing dance classes at 8:15 PM. The classes are included with your admission to the dance!

If you’ve never gone swing dancing before or just want a little refresher, this class is made just for you! We’ll teach you the basic step and a few fun moves to get you out on the dance floor and having a great time.

Don’t worry if you have two left feet. Our instructors make it easy to learn, and most importantly, they make it fun! You don’t need to worry about bringing a partner either, we’ll have plenty to share.

The Side Rooms

Various forms of swing dances are taught and danced in our side rooms. After each of the lessons in the Georgian Room, music that easily lends itself to the practice of that dance is played throughout the evening.

The Georgian Room

1st Thursdays – Blues Class and Dancing
2nd Thursdays – Balboa Class and Uptempo Dancing
3rd Thursdays – West Coast Swing Class and Dancing
4th Thursdays – Collegiate Shag Class and Uptempo Dancing
5th Thursdays – Soul Dance Class and Soul Music Dancing

*NEW* The Art Gallery

1st Thursdays – Lindy Hop Part I
2nd Thursdays – Lindy Hop Part II
3rd Thursdays – Partnered Charleston
4th Thursdays – Shim Sham
5th Thursdays – Solo Jazz

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Park in our
NEW Parking Garage!

The Austin Swing Syndicate has garage parking for our attendees. Garage parking is provided down the street at the Quarters Parking garage (right next to our previous garage). For more information on how to get there and instructions on where to park please click the link below to read more.

You can also find the location on the map to the left.

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