We have a New Parking Garage!

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New Garage Parking Map

UPDATE: Starting 12/15, we will not be using a parking validator. But parking is still free! Instead, we will be providing a different parking code at the front desk of the Fed each week that can be entered in at the exit of the parking garage.

The wonderful management of the Texas Federation of Women’s Clubs Headquarters, lovingly known to us as “The Fed”, has secured a new parking garage for us to park at! There will be no more tokens needed like the previous garage. Instead, you will bring your parking ticket to the front desk to get validated. The parking garage will be FREE to all our attendees. The new parking garage is:

New Parking Garage at the Quarters Parking Garage

Look for this Entrance to the Garage with the Green/Aqua-colored “P” sign.

The Quarters Parking Garage 2216 Rio Grande St. Austin, TX 78705 Here’s how the parking will work:
  • Enter the Quarters Garage at 2222 Rio Grande Street or at the side entrance on 22 ½ Street.
  • Park in any undesignated space (if there’s a sign in front of the space, do not park there!). There are stairs and elevators to get back to the ground floor.
  • For the shortest walking distance to the Mansion, leave by the Pearl Street exit.
  • Note the weekly parking code at the front desk. You may want to write it on your parking ticket, or take a photo of it with your phone.
  • When exiting the garage, there will be 2 different machines at the exit. One is a grey terminal with a number pad and the other is the one that takes your ticket and you pay. Enter the parking code on the number pad and exit.
  • Come back again next week for the dance! 🙂
Can’t find the garage? Check out this nifty map below to see where the garage is or check out this site for their map of the garage.

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  • Stephanie Scott


    I just joined the group today. May I please have the parking garage code for tonight? Thanks, Steph Scott


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Park in our
NEW Parking Garage!

The Austin Swing Syndicate has garage parking for our attendees. Garage parking is provided down the street at the Quarters Parking garage (right next to our previous garage). For more information on how to get there and instructions on where to park please click the link below to read more.

You can also find the location on the map to the left.

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