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Hi Austin Swing Syndicate!

I’m so proud to announce our new website! I hope you find it helpful as we continue to develop it over time.

Lots of people helped contribute to creating this, but I want to give special thanks to Jonathan Jow for building the final website and Laura Glaess for designing our logo and other marketing materials like business cards and posters. Another big thanks to Ian Alexander for helping with the content!

Also, we have replaced the forums on the old website with a bright, new, shiny blog! The forums haven’t been used in quite a long time, so we’ve decided to modernize and start a blog. The best part is, all of you are welcome to contribute!

To contribute, all you have to do is… write a blog post and send it to blog@austinswingsyndicate.org along with a author photo you would like included with your post!

If you’re thinking “but what on earth would I write about?” Here are a few ideas:
    • Best Places to Dance on the weekend in Austin
    • The story of why you started dancing
    • How to do the perfect kick-ball-change!
    • Top 10 Lindy Hop Videos of all time and why they’re so awesome
    • Top 5 swing bands you should listen to to improve your dancing
Happy Blogging!


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Lindsay Chronister

Lindsay Chronister is the Vice President and Marketing Coordinator for the Austin Swing Syndicate. Obviously she likes swing dancing. She also likes online marketing and analytics, sewing, and teak furniture.

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The Austin Swing Syndicate has garage parking for our attendees. Garage parking is provided down the street at the Quarters Parking garage (right next to our previous garage). For more information on how to get there and instructions on where to park please click the link below to read more.

You can also find the location on the map to the left.

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