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What's Going On...
07/19: Syndicate's Thursday Dance
07/20: Syndicate at GoDance
07/26: Syndicate's Thursday Dance
08/02: Syndicate's Thursday Dance
08/05: Soul Jam!
08/09: Syndicate's Thursday Dance
08/16: Syndicate's Thursday Dance
08/17: Syndicate at GoDance
08/23: Syndicate's Thursday Dance
08/30: Syndicate's Thursday Dance
09/02: Soul Jam!

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Four On The Floor Classes
7:15 pm
Intro to Swing
Lindy 2
8:30 pm
Lindy 1a
Lindy 1b
Lindy 3

The Lindy Project
7:30 pm
Level 1
8:45 pm
Level 2
7:15 pm
Level 3
8:30 pm

Sweet T Productions

Welcome to the Austin Swing Syndicate!

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About Us

The Austin Swing Syndicate is a non-profit, all-ages organization devoted to the care and feeding of the Austin swing dance and lindy hop scene.

Our Goals

Our goals are as follows:
· To promote the continued existence and growth of swing dancing, in all of its forms, in the Austin area.
· To accomplish this goal by providing suitable venues and musical accompaniment for these dances to dancers of all ages, and by encouraging the continued involvement and development of regular dancers and the ongoing addition of beginning dancers to the dance community.
· To be inclusive of as diverse a group as possible.
· To remain actively involved in charity and community action.
· To maintain a swing dance community that is friendly, welcoming, and supportive to all dancers.

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Thursday Night at The Fed
When: 8:00pm-midnight
Where: The Fed
Cost: Members - $2
Non-Members - $5
Affiliates - $2
Swing Lesson
8:15-9:15pm - Intro to Swing
Side Room
If scheduled (see below), then we will have:
8:15-9:15pm - Intro class
9:30-11:30pm - Dance
Side Room Schedule
07/05 Blues
07/12 West Coast Swing
07/19 Balboa
07/26 No Side Room
08/02 Blues
08/09 Balboa
08/16 West Coast Swing
08/23 No Side Room
08/30 Fifth Thursday (TBD)
· Do you have lessons every week?
· Is it a safe enviornment?
· Do you serve alcohol?
· What should I wear?
· If I don't have a partner will I find people to dance with?
· Is there a Lost & Found?
· Any comments on dance etiquette?
· What about Tuesday lessons?
· Do you have a group discount?
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